Helium Hotspot Hosting

Helium mining is in the front of all our minds. The problem we’re facing is that it’s nearly impossible to get our hands on a Helium Hotspot while the profitability is still incredible. Many of us who ordered Helium hotspots in 2021 will be waiting until the end of the year to get our hotspots set up and mining.

Don’t lose hope! There are private individuals as well as companies that offer Helium Hotspot Hosting. In short, after being accepted to their program, they will borrow you a hotspot and allow you to share in the profits. Yet, if you’re comping at the bit to start mining and cannot afford the cost or time delay of a Helium Hotspot, consider applying for a free Helium Hotspot.

If you already have a hotspot, do you know how the Helium Halving will impact you?

Helium Miners

What is a Helium Hosting Service?

Helium Hotspot Hosting Services are any private party or company that is willing to rent or borrow you a Helium hotspot and share in the profits. Currently, hosting companies are experiencing a surge in interest. This is caused by the insane demand for Helium miners and the lack of supply.

Those who have been fortunate enough to purchase and receive many hotspots are also facing an issue: they need places to put the hotspots! Because of Helium’s proof-of-coverage consensus model, the owners of the hotspots cannot simply run them all from a single location. Instead, the reward is higher for strategically places hotspots.

As a Helium hotspot host, persons or companies will send you one of their hotspots for FREE!

All of the Helium hotspot hosting companies require you to fill out an application and wait for the company to approve you. This is because the host needs to ensure high enough profitability to make the transaction worth it. However, if you live in a very rural area without any potential witnesses, it’s unlikely you will be accepted. Likewise, if you live in a dense urban area that is already flooded with Helium hotspots, you are unlikely to be accepted.

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Potential Mining Rewards
Actual $HNT rewards

Can I keep the $HNT? How do I get Paid?

No. Based on the host you are using, there are three different ways to get paid:

  • Percentage of $HNT as $HNT transferred to your private wallet
  • Percentage of $HNT as USD transferred via ACH or PayPal
  • Flat rate of USD paid via ACH or PayPal

Considering the different hosts in this article, those offering a flat rate are providing a less than ideal payment amount while comparing to other hosts.

If you already have a Helium Hotspot Miner or you are waiting for your order to be fulfilled, read about How to maximize profit with your Helium Hotspot.

Hosting Services (updated 9/13/2021)

Hosting ServicePayment RatePayment CurrencyPayment FrequencyNotesRating
FairSpot70% of earningsN/AEvery FridayHighest Host Payments and host-to-own hotspot after 500 days10
Meshly20% of earningsUSDMonthlyFree Installation and Shipping7
Flywheel SystemsN/AUSDMonthlyFree ShippingN/A
KOWOP$15USDMonthlyHorrible compensation considering a well-placed hotspot can earn ~$2,000 per month. Seems to be taking advantage of a host1
Loris25% of earningsUSDMonthlyAssitance with setup of antenna and configuration7
Mint HNT30% of earningsUSDMonthlyMintHNT has devices in stock and is currently shipping. Additionally, they offer a referral bonus of 20% mining rewards of any referred users8