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  • The “Nebra” Problem: Helium Miner
    Don’t get Nebra’d! Manufacturer of a Helium Miner, Nebra is more than 8 months behind on orders expected to ship before the end of 2021. Consumers are left holding the bag.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico W – First Thoughts
    Raspberry Pi Pico W adds wireless functionality to any project for only 6 bucks…I was able to get my hands on two Pico W boards, this is how it went.
  • Carbon: What is next for C++?
    At the CPP North C++ conference in Toronto, on July 19, 2022, Google engineer Chandler Carruth announced Carbon. The primary goal is to support interop with C++ and solve some of age old issues with c++
  • iOS Developers Hit the Jackpot After Recent Apple v Epic Ruling
    Apple V Epic iOS Developers have mixed reactions when Apple came ahead victorious in a battle with Epic Games on Friday, Sept. 10th. The original lawsuit filed by Epic attempted to assert that Apple’s App Store has a monopoly on the iOS marketplace. If you’re…

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