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  • Software Development on the new M1 MacBook Pro 13″
    On November 10th, 2020, Apple revealed details of the M1 chip and announced a few updated computers in the Mac line-up that are built on the new Apple Silicon. What does this mean for Software Developers and Engineers? Should you get one? The new models…
  • Raspberry Pi 4: How To Install Apache Spark
    Apache Spark is an analytics engine that allows for data processing with a standalone configuration or distributed enterprise setup. Apache Spark has APIs for major programming languages such as Scala, Java, and  Python. These APIs let you make quick work of batch or streaming data…
  • How to: Ultrasonic Bench Press and Squat Rep Counter – ESP8266
    How can we prove my honesty and simultaneously resolve the issue of losing my rep count? There could be only one solution: create an automatic rep counter device using Arduino…count barbell reps! But, in order to do this, we’d need a few different components to…
  • Publish and Listen to Events with Spring Boot
    Summary This guide covers how to publish and listen to events with Spring Boot. Custom events are a great way to trigger functionality without adding bloat to your existing business logic. The pub-sub pattern is excellent for horizontally scaling logic in your Spring Boot application….

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