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  • How To: Build Your First Twitch Bot in 10 Minutes
    What is a Twitch Bot? Twitch Bots can be used by a streamer on the Twitch platform for a variety of reasons. One of the more common use cases for a bot is to moderate the chat in real-time; a bot is not always as…
  • Monitoring Temperature and Humidity with Arduino and MQTT (ESP32)
    Background This is a quick tutorial for beginners – using ESP32 & DHT11 to collect sensor data and publish it using MQTT. Mobile and server apps can subscribe to the temperature and humidity data from the DHT11. In a future tutorial, I’ll be showing how…
  • MQTT Overview: Simple Protocol for IoT and Messaging
    What is MQTT? MQTT is an extremely lightweight protocol that allows for messaging over TCP. It is optimized to handle an insane number of connected clients and increases messaging stability over spotty networks. Although MQTT has been around since 1999, the popularity of the protocol…
  • 6 Reasons Bitcoin Will Never Replace the US Dollar
    Blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies, are a fascinating topic that has been growing in popularity over recent years. Few people hear the term blockchain without immediately thinking of Bitcoin, however, IBM Blockchain and Spotify are just a few big players worth mentioning. Enthusiasts within the cryptocurrency…

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