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  • Why You Won’t Make Money Farming Chia
    Farming Chia is a hot topic among crypto-mining enthusiasts and first-time miners. Due to how (relatively) new Chia mining is the community is ready to start filling their Plots and Farming some easy money! In my opinion, mining Chia is unlikely to make the average…
  • Helium Hotspot Hosting – Make Money with a Free Helium Hotspot
    Helium Hotspot Hosting Helium mining is in the front of all our minds. The problem we’re facing is that it’s nearly impossible to get our hands on a Helium Hotspot while the profitability is still incredible. Many of us who ordered Helium hotspots in 2021…
  • How To Make Money Mining Helium (HNT)
    Mining Helium Main Points Mining Helium (HNT) tokens is growing in popularity. For a few reasons, but, mainly because it can be INSANELY PROFITABLE! Whether you live in the country, suburbs, or an urban area, it’s possible to mine quite a few HNT tokens. As…
  • 5 Mental Health and Physical Health Challenges for Software Developers
    You Are Not Alone Since you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you or a developer you know has struggled with their physical and mental health. I have personally faced battles with mental and physical health, it’s an ongoing process and I will…

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